Love your neighbour as yourself

The Australian-Macedonian humanitarian association St Archangel Gavril was established on 27 April, 2011 in Sydney, Australia. The aim of the organization is to help people in need, especially people facing social and financial hardship. Our organisation is not only to Macedonians but also to other people who live in Australia.




On 24 July 2014 the president of the Republic of Macedonia Mr Gorge Ivanov awarded the association with a special award: The Order of the Republic of Macedonia. This award acknowledged the association's contribution in promoting and safeguarding the Macedonian language, historical, cultural and spiritual traditions and values  in the world and contributing towards improving the working relationship between Macedonia and Australia.

St Arhangel Gavril is a non-profit organisation formed by group of enthusiastic people who generously donate their time to help others. The motto of our organisation is: Love your neighbour as yourself! or in latin: Proximos ama sicut te ipsum!

St. Archangel (Gavril) Gabriel is known as bearer of good news. Under his patronage, we believe that our association will bring good news to all of our beneficiaries.